Treble Trouble

The Bi-boost is the ultimate booster for your guitar amplifier. From pristine clean gain, to the wildest treble fury, the Bi-boost will be the only boost you’ll ever need !

Clean control

The Dr Jekyll side : incredible amount of pure, clean gain, to wake up even the most anemic amplifier. Goes from a subtle, light level increase, to a wild saturated sound with one pot only.

Treble control

The Mr Hyde side : here comes the famous treble sound, acclaimed for decades. Capable of a very gentle high frequencies emphasis, to a wild animal scream, that’s the heart of the Bi-boost

Infinite possibilty

Both control are interactives, very progressive, have a wide range of action, and will give you a fantastic palette of sounds.


  1. Finish :

    Sparkling grey.

  2. Controls :

    Clean + Treble + On/off

  3. Features :

    High quality circuitry, carefully chosen and reliable components. True bypass.

  4. Power :

    DC 9v/18v or 9v battery.

  5. Dimensions :

    11cm high, 6cm large, 3cm deep.