Classic Plex

British class

Cover all the famous classic « british sound » eras with one single amplifier. From the soft Jimi’s cleans, to the big Angus crunches, the ClassicPlex will suits all your classic sound needs.

3 ways selector

The ClassicPlex will offer you three different sounds :
Cool mode will give you that hot bright sound that you love on so many album.
Plex mode will give you a more compressed and punchy sound with more gain.
Lead mode will offer you the typical 80′ hotrodded sound.

Quiet play

The ClassicPlex has the special « ultralinear master volume » technology, designed to play at any level, even at very low level at night. It even has a 20w/2w for the most quiet conditions.

No Bias System

Change your tubes yourself, at home, no equipment needed. Freely choose between 6L6 and EL34 power tubes, you can even mix a 6L6 and an EL34.

  1. Finish :

    two finishes available : full tolex or grillcloth + tolex

  2. Controls :

    Gain/Bass/Mid/Treble/Volume + 3 way selector + bright + deep + loud/quiet

  3. Features :

    Tube buffered effect loop, 16/8/4 ohms selector + 2x speaker outputs.

  4. Power :

    Single ended, Class A, 20w switchable to 2w. Available in 115v or 230v.

  5. Tubes :

    3x 12ax7 + 2x EL34. User swappable/mixable EL34/6L6 power tube, no bias needed.

  6. Construction :

    Point to point, handwired with finest components quality

  7. Dimensions :

    50cm wide, 22cm high, 21cm deep & 13kg