May the pulse be with you

Let the Fxamps Heartbeat delay pulse into you pedalboard. Dual mode, two distinct moods, and a infinite combination of settings, the Heartbeat delay will be the last delay you’ll ever need.

Clean mode

The civilized side of the Heartbeat delay. Incredibly deep clean, with an increase dynamic, a nice bass restitution and lot of presence. Ideal for a modern, precise but never sterile sound.

Tape mode

The dark side of the Hearbeat delay. Fat, dirty and irregular. Just like the real thing. 100% analog filtering, close your eyes and listen for the famous tape echoes.


In both mode, you can engage the analog modulation section, for a ambient and dreamy sound. Fat and lush, go high with style.

Girl got rhythm

In addition to the time setting knob, a Tap temp will allow you to precisely set the time of the repetition when playing. A subdivision switch will allow you any rhythmic signature, for a lot of creativity.

  1. Finish :

    Vintage blue.

  2. Controls :

    Time, Repeat, Mix + Mod + Type + Subdivisions + On/off + Tap

  3. Features :

    1000ms maximum delay time. True bypass or natural trail decay internal switch.

    Internal trim for modulations/drive/filtering modifications.


    High quality circuitry, carefully chosen and reliable components. True bypass.

  4. Power :

    DC 9v.

  5. Dimensions :

    10cm high, 12cm large, 3cm deep.