Fxamps is also offering a vast range of tube amplifiers custom parts and components.
Here are some exemples of custom work we can provide to you (price excluding VAT, shipping, and artwork) :
– Aluminium chassis, 2mm thick, laser cut, from 14€
– Complete headshells/cabinets, high quality birch, tolexed, including hardware, from 60€
– Aluminium laser drilled faceplate, brushed, ink filled, from 6€
– Custom turret board/strips, high quality material, from 8€
– Custom transformers, from 15€
– Custom molded metal logo, from 2€
– Custom packing (card box, foam inserts, …)
– Custom goodies (business cards, stickers, guitar picks, keychain, …)
We can also realize designing work, from schematics, layout, etc, … to complete amp, including your own logo, ready to ship to customer.
Please contact us for any question !