Classic Plex

British excellence

Do you like the early JTM british sounds? Or maybe you’re more into the plexi kind of sounds? But sometimes you prefer the wilder JCM era sounds?
Well good new, you don’t have to chose anymore, the Classic Plex does it all!

Cover all the famous classic “british sound” eras with one single amplifier. From the soft Jimi’s cleans, the big Angus crunches, to your favorite 80′ hard classics, the ClassicPlex will suits all your classic sound needs.

3 ways selector

The ClassicPlex will offer you three different sounds :
Cool mode will give you that hot bright sound that you love on so many album.
Plex mode will give you a more compressed and punchy sound with more gain.
Lead mode will offer you the typical 80′ hotrodded sound.

Quiet play

The ClassicPlex has the special “ultralinear master volume” technology, designed to play at any level, even at very low level at night. It even has a 20w/2w for the most quiet conditions.

No Bias System

Change your tubes yourself, at home, no equipment needed. Freely choose between 6L6 and EL34 power tubes, you can even mix a 6L6 and an EL34.

  • Controls :

    Mode selector + Gain/Bass/Mid/Treble/Volume + bright + deep + loud/quiet

  • Features :

    Tube buffered effect loop, 16/8/4 ohms selector + 2x speaker outputs.

  • Power :

    Single ended, Class A, 20w switchable to 2w. Available in 115v or 230v.

  • Tubes :

    3x 12ax7 + 2x EL34. User swappable/mixable EL34/6L6 power tube, no bias needed.

  • Construction :

    Point to point, handwired.

  • Dimensions :

    50cm wide, 22cm high, 21cm deep & 13kg

Recommended speaker :

Celestion g12m creamback (Fxamps 1×12″ classic).

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