Plexi Royale

We went to great lengths to recreate Page sounds from 69 to 71, when he was using a modified 100w from a famouse british company.

The plexi royale is the first amplifier from Fxamps to use our brand new plateform, called VirtualStack. It aims to offer you the same feeling and sensations as a full blown 100w stack, but in a manageable 20w format.

Big tubes = big sound!

The Plexi Royale, as well as all our amplifiers, uses the same big sized tubes as your favorite vintage stacks. It gives better sounding amps, even a low volumes, with a nice amount of bass, and more than enough punch.

Virtual Stack

The Plexi Royale introduce the new Virtual Stack technology. The Virtual Stack is the natural evolution of our constant quest to recreate the sound and feeling from a big 100w into a more suitable 20w format that modern guitarists can use small gig as well at home.

Super touch sensitive, very reactive to your playing, just like the original.

No Bias System

Change your tubes yourself, at home, no equipment needed. Freely choose between 6L6 and EL34 power tubes, you can even mix a 6L6 and an EL34.

Point to point construction

Like all other Fx amplifiers, the Plexi Royale is entirely hand wired, with lot of care, using point to point techniques, and only selected high quality components and part. An amplifier that will not let you down.


  • Controls :

    Gain/Bass/Mid/Treble/Volume + bright.

  • Features :

    16/8/4 ohms selector + 2x speaker outputs.

  • Power :

    Single ended, Class A, 20w switchable to 2w. Available in 115v or 230v.

  • Tubes :

    3x 12ax7 + 2x EL34. User swappable/mixable EL34/6L6 power tube, no bias needed.

  • Construction :

    Point to point, handwired.

  • Dimensions :

    50cm wide, 22cm high, 21cm deep & 13kg.

Recommended speaker :

Celestion g12m creamback (Fxamps 1×12″ classic).

Vintage / Modern

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