About us

Fx amplification is a company dedicated to very high quality tube amplifiers, with highest care to every detail. With an history of hundreds of amplifiers built, Fx amplification has a very great experience and is able to fulfill all your musical needs.

World of wonders

Quality has always been our goals at Fxamps. Every Fxamps amplifier is created like a piece of art. Outside AND inside.

Perfect wiring

All Fxamps amplifiers are perfectly wired, with the greatest possible care, and the best wire available, to ensure a totally clean sound, with no buzz, hum or hiss, and a virtually unlimited lifetime. We also use superior components, selected, from the best manufacturers available (Sozo, Jupiter, F+T, …).

Superior assembly

Like the electric circuits, the mechanical parts of the amps a treated with an equal care. All Fxamps amplifiers use mainly renowned brand, made in Europe or USA, to ensure the best longevity to your amp. Everything is finely assembled following strict procedure, with stainless screws, on the strong, thick aluminium chassis.

Our models

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  • SL682016-Portfolio
    68′ Creamy overdrive
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    Classic Plex
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